Dokodemo-Kerja is a Human Resource tool developed by PT Logique Digital Indonesia, a digital solution company based in Jakarta, Indonesia. This program was made to help employees achieve their best potential.

The name Dokodemo-Kerja comes from 2 languages: "Dokodemo": anywhere (Japanese) and "Kerja": to work (Indonesian), which translates into "Work Anywhere". It means that with this program, you or your employee would not be restrained to a cubicle or an office at all times.

We use the program in our company, and if you wonder how it works in real life, do CONTACT US and we will explain how we utilize this tool.


The purpose of this program is to promote healthy and productive work culture aimed at highly populated city. In Jakarta, Traffic Jam has become a huge problem, and arriving late at the office has became a "millenial culture". We are aiming to change that.

Additionally, if a big office space seems too take up too much of your profit away, it might be time to consider an alternative. Employees who live more than 10km away from the office could really use a break from time to time, without affecting their job performance.

With a proper work rotation, Dokodemo-Kerja could be a decent solution to retain current workers, and promote a healthy work environment.

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Evidence-based time tracking

Allows for Flexible Working Hours

Real Time Monitoring of Employee Activities

Working Hour Evaluation by HR Department

Easy-to-Use Time Editing System with Staff Notifications

Perfect for Managing Overtime Working Hours

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To Whom?

HR and Managers

Dokodemo-Kerja will give you total control of your employee's activity. You don't need to know where they are, but you know what they are doing.


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1. Save up on the cost of huge office spaces

You can rotate your employee's working days in and out of the office if an expansion is not possible. Some employees might not feel too comfortable working in a cubicle, and works more productively outside. Working remotely could also be implemented as a reward system, in addition to the existing benefits.

2. Determine who your best employee is more objectively

Your best employee would want to be recognised for his/her work. Those who puts in more time, completes more tasks, and doesn't slack off as much would be rewarded more than those who visibly neglects their job.

3. Save up millions on lost time

Are your employees really working according to the minimum time requirement? Are you really getting what you paid for? By using Dokodemo-Kerja, you can see how long employees take to complete a task, and help you make a better project plan.

4. Increase employee retention

Employee retention is an important part of an organization's growth. By rewarding all the right employees, it would reduce the resignation rate. Dokodemo-Kerja can help you determine the employees worth keeping.

5. Parental Leave

One of the most common concern for employers and employees alike is maternity leave. Employees will be gone for at least 6 weeks or more, and even then, would they still have their job? Using Dokodemo-Kerja, the employee can rest assured, knowing that they can still keep their job, and work from the comfort of their own home.

6. External factors

Disasters always come at the most unexpected time. Whether it's floods, thunderstorms, car accidents, flat tires, children falling ill, road maintenance, the list goes on. In situations like these, employees are forced to not go to the office or even be late for hours.
With Dokodemo-Kerja, employees no longer need to worry about being stuck in traffic, being late, or transportation breaking down, because they can now work from home.

7. Taking care of Important Documents

Everyone has a special circumstance as to why they can't go to the office. Maybe they need to take care of their child's school administration, register their driver's licence, open up a bank account, or maybe to extend their passport's validity. A lot of these activity should be done in the weekdays. They could be using that time to work remotely instead of spending it sitting in a waiting room for hours.

8. Break Time

It is perhaps a bit unfair to treat every employee equally if half of them spends most of their work time smoking, watching entertainment videos, taking hours of lunch breaks, or pray longer than necessary. With Dokodemo-Kerja, you can accurately track their breaks and working hours, as they can pause the time tracker when they are not really working.

The most common reasons for employees to quit are Long commutes, Lack of work/life balance, and Poor salary/benefits. By letting them work remotely on their terms, they will see that there is an actual benefit working for you.


In times of rapid growth, keeping a work-life balance has became a challenge. Here are the common types of problems that might hinder an employee's working-hour, and how Dokodemo-Kerja solves some of those problems.

Work Anytime & Anywhere

Ask yourself: is being physically present at the office really required in regards to overall levels of productivity? Is there a logical explanation as to why you need to work at a specified location from 8AM to 5PM every day, if all of your work is conducted through the use of a laptop, anyway?

Maximize your Team’s Productivity

Work comfortably, flexibly and effectively so as to boost results. Eliminate all of the wasteful and inconvenient elements that inevitably come with navigating through the morning traffic on the way to your office.

Improve the Efficiency of Your Work

Through having an accurate record of the time it takes to finish a single task, everyone can self-evaluate their work more easily, and hence, improve upon it in the future.