Better Corporate Organization: A Look into HR Management Tools

A HRIS, or a Human Resources Information System is a type of software catering specifically to the needs of the HR department. This software provides a variety of useful features for the HR management processes, some of which include the monitoring of employee performances in a concise and simple manner.

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The HR Department plays an important role within the company. Although not directly tied in to the company’s earning process, they undertake an important responsibility in the overall management of employees, ensuring that they are able to carry out their respective roles within the company’s goal making process.

If a company has hundreds of individuals in its employ, the HR Department would certainly require a lot of time and energy. Fortunately, in line with the current trends in technological developments, all the tasks commonly required from the HR division can now be streamlined and simplified through the use of the Human Resources Information System or SISDM.

Definition of SISDM

Human Resources Information Systems are programs used to organize and manage HR data for companies or agencies. Companies can utilize this program to easily store, process and manage large swaths of employee data. Importantly, SISDMs are also known by another term, namely HRIS or Human Resource Information Systems.

A comprehensive SISDM will be able to store all employee information/data within one place and further utilize integrated analysis and reporting capabilities. Therefore, SISDM is also often used to support the decision-making process in regards to giving bonuses or promotions due to the ability to look at various necessary articles of information regarding specific employee performances.

SISDM’s Main Features

1. Centralized storage

The SISDM or HRIS application can collect, store, and display the latest data related to employee or company policies. All this data will then be stored into one data center so that it can be easily accessed by end users.

2. Recruitment management

This feature can facilitate the HR Department in their recruitment process. The SISDM can help you to arrange the stages of recruitment starting from information verification, interviews, to the onboarding process.

3. Employee onboarding

SISDM also provides a user-friendly feature for employee onboarding. Companies can explain their policies and can further collect new employee data easily through that system.

4. Talent management

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Employees are arguably the most valuable resource within the company. But to manage, develop, and retain employees is a complex task. SISDM can assist you with this task. The SISDM system will usually provide talent management features that can be used for a variety of things, some of which include the ability to see the number of available vacant positions, identifying skill gaps, managing skill development activities, among other things.

5. Employee Self-Service

Employee Self-Service or ESS is a feature that allows employees to perform HR functions independently. The ESS feature in the Human Resources Information System is generally provided through a variety of services, such as for personalizing data, submitting leave or overtime, reimbursement, and receiving salary slips.

6. Time and Absence Management

The SISDM can manage and track employee attendances online. With this feature, the system can provide various information, showing the hours of arrival / hours of delay, total hours worked, as well as information regarding employee absences, whether for reasons warranted or not. In addition, through SISDM employees can also apply for leave without the need to go through a long request process.

7. Workforce analytics

SISDM will provide a report containing various insights about your company’s workforce. Some examples of available reports include summaries detailing employee attendances, total hours worked, employee activities, and others if needed. This feature can prove to be very helpful because it can be used to see how employees are performing. In addition, this feature can also assist the HR department in the writing of monthly reports.

From the various features explained in the above paragraph, it can be concluded that SISDM or HRIS is an intelligent system that can serve to effectively streamline the HR management process. This system utilizes a variety of features that can assist with many key tasks, thereby allowing the HR department to focus their efforts on other tasks.

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