Here are Some Common Mistakes Made During Interviews

There are a variety of reasons someone could fail a job interview; indeed, many that you could avoid. If you are a jobseeker, the following aims to help you in landing your dream job! Interviews can be exciting for job seekers. During this stage, candidates will have the opportunity to share information about their personality, experience and skills directly with recruiters. Unfortunately, during this stage candidates are often unprepared or tend to make mistakes, making it tough to succeed sometimes in attracting the interviewer’s attention and approval. In order to assist jobseekers in their aspirations to snatch that one dream job, it would be wise to avoid some of these common

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Errors in Your CV

  • Lots of typos

CV can be likened to the first medium to get to know the candidate’s profile. So if your CV has a lot of typos or misspellings, it will be very annoying. In addition, typos can also give the impression that you are not careful. To avoid mistakes when, you need to re-examine your CV before sending it to a recruiter. Lucky if you can find a friend who is willing to read the results of the CV typed and willing to be an editor. Currently, there are also many tools that can be used to check typos easily.

  • Invalid information

For example, when you graduate from college you get a GPA of 3.00, but because the minimum GPA requirement to apply for this vacancy is 3.20, you provide information that is not factual. You should avoid this because if you do, you have made a fatal mistake. When you are not honest from the beginning of the registration process, it will be very difficult for the recruiter or company to be able to give you greater trust.

  • Lacking in Detail

  • CV is a good medium to promote yourself to recruiters. Therefore, when you create a CV with insufficient information, the recruiter will not be interested in hiring you. So, when applying for a job, you should prepare your CV as well as possible. Inform your work experience and skills in detail so that recruiters are interested in your profile. In addition, also inform your personal data such as phone number, email, and natural address so that it is easier for recruiters to contact you.

  • LCV Does not Match the Candidate’s Abilities

  • A company certainly wants to get quality workers with the ability, experience, or skills that match the position needed. Therefore, when a job vacancy is displayed, the recruiter will inform the terms and requirements of the job. Unfortunately, this actually makes some candidates provide false information in their CVs to match the required requirements. You need to know; interviewers already have the experience to interview hundreds of candidates. So, they can find out that you have given false information in your CV during this interview session. Therefore, please provide truthful information. Because when the interviewer finds out there is false information, then they will not believe you and will not hire you. If there are some skills that you have not mastered, you should tell the truth and inform that you are willing to learn more about them.

  • Lack of preparation
  • The next cause of failed interviews was because the candidate did not have sufficient preparation. During the interview process, the recruiter or interviewer will dig up a lot of information about your work and previous experiences. If you don’t remember a project you worked on before or don’t understand what your main job desk was at your previous company, recruiters will assume that you are unprofessional and inexperienced. In addition, lack of preparation such as forgetting to bring a pen, forgetting to bring a CV, or important documents needed will also affect the assessment because you will look disorganized.

  • Nervousness
  • It’s normal to be nervous during the interview process. However, problems can arise when the nervousness cannot be managed properly so that the interview process does not run smoothly.

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    Some candidates who are too nervous will speak too fast or even give off-topic answers. When too nervous, candidates can also lose focus or go blank. This of course makes the assessment not optimal so that it becomes the cause of failed interviews. So, before entering the interview room, you should calm yourself first so that the interview goes smoothly.

  • Having no knowledge of the company
  • Not knowing any information about the company being applied for will also give a bad impression. Recruiters or interviewers will assume that you do not have a high enough interest to work for the company. You will also have difficulty when invited to discuss topics related to the company.

    Therefore, before conducting a job interview, you should take the time to find out about the company you are applying for. Find information related to company profile, culture, services, mission, and others. The amount of knowledge you have about the company you are applying for can make the interviewer believe that you are the right person to fill the position that is needed.

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