Online Attendance Applications: Employee Tracking Made Easy

Compared to years ago, vacancies for remote based employment have been much more available than ever before. This shows that there are now an abundance of companies that are willing and able to provide a greater level of flexibility for their employees.

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Dokodemo-Kerja is currently the best online attendance application in circulation, applying a full range of features used to flexibly increase overall employee productivity.Some of these features include Attendance & Leave Management, Task Organization, as well as Employee performance evaluation: all through just one application.

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It is undeniable that the popularity of remote work systems has increased specifically due to the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic. In 2020, the Covid-19 virus had started to spread throughout various regions of the world; thus, governments were forced to issue lockdown policies which encouraged citizens to minimize their outdoor activities. In order to adapt to these changes, the private sector has sought to create conditions for their employee base so that they may respect government lockdown mandates, while at the same time still maintaining a level of productivity for the companies that they work for.

While making allowances for employees to continue their work from their homes, there naturally arises a question: how do employers better monitor these WFH based employees? In this regard, online attendance applications are becoming increasingly needed to fill in this particular niche.

What are Online Attendance Applications?

As the name implies, the online attendance application for employees is an application that is used to record employee attendance digitally. This application is usually designed with a number of functionalities such as recording employee clock in and clock out, time tracker, payroll, and much more.

In contrast to conventional attendance tools that require a physical machine, this online attendance application is in the form of software. To use it, you just have to install it on your desktop device or smartphone and then connect it with an internet connection. After that, attendance data will be sent in real time to the database to be checked by the HRD team at the company.

A List of Recommended Online Attendance Applications

1. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is an application to monitor employee performance and record employee attendance lists. This application has been widely used by small and large companies to increase overall productivity.

To take attendance and calculate working hours, employees simply click the “start” button. Meanwhile, when they stop working, employees can press the “stop” button. As soon as an employee takes attendance, this feature can start tracking the employee’s attendance or working hours. Following are the main features provided:

  • Attendance reporting

Time Doctor provides a feature in the form of attendance reporting which contains a detailed list of employee attendance. From this feature you can see the hours employees start working, info on actual hours worked, total hours worked, info on employees who are late for work, and others.

  • Payroll

Time Doctor has a payroll feature or system for payroll that allows companies to pay employee salaries directly from the application.

  • Work Schedules

Time Doctor’s work schedules feature allows you to create and edit employee work schedules. If your company implements a shift work system then this feature will be very helpful.

2. Dokodemo-Kerja

The online attendance application for employees in Indonesia that you can use is Dokodemo-Kerja. This attendance application is very easy to use even for employees who are not savvy with technology.

To use this application, you simply install the Dokodemo-Kerja application on a laptop or smartphone that is already connected to an internet connection. Next, your employees simply press the “Start” button to take attendance online and this digital attendance system will start working to calculate the employee’s working hours. When you want to stop working or take a break, employees simply press the “Stop” button.

You need to know, Dokodemo-Kerja is also known as an application for job monitoring because it not only provides an online attendance system but also features to monitor employee work. Following are the main features provided:

  • E-attendance

Employees can perform digital attendance by pressing the “Start” button. After the employee is absent, the system will record the clock in or clock out of the employee (starting and ending hours of work).

  • Time tracker

After the employee has made an absence, the time tracker feature will start calculating the employee’s working hours. Through this feature, you can find out how many total hours your employees work in one day, one week, or even one month.

  • Screen monitoring

Worried if your employees play online games or open social media while working? No need to worry, the screen monitoring feature will help monitor it for you. Broadly speaking, this screen monitoring feature will take screenshots (desktop screenshots) on employee laptop monitors. This feature will make screenshots in random time. In addition to maintaining employee privacy, the screenshots we collect will be provided in a low resolution so that the text content remains unreadable by the admin.

  • GPS tracker

A GPS tracker or GPS tracker is useful for monitoring the work location of your sales or marketing team in the field. With this feature you can see which locations are visited by employees and how long it takes for each visit to the client’s place.

  • Attendance Reporting

To facilitate HRD’s task in monitoring employee discipline, Dokodemo-Kerja also provides attendance reporting. Here, the HRD team in your company can view employee attendance lists more easily such as clock in/clock out hours, list of employees who are late, total hours worked, employee leave, and much more. This feature will make it easier for you when you have to make employee attendance reports.

3. Hubstaff

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The next online attendance application for employees is Hubstaff. This application has various useful functionalities for your HRD team in performing Human Resource Management in your company. Hubstaff can be used to track hours worked, monitor locations, manage salaries, and monitor employee daily productivity. In addition, this application can also be integrated with task management applications such as Jira or Trello, making it easier for companies to monitor the performance of all employees.

Some of the main features provided by Hubstaff are as follows:

  • Time tracker

This feature can be used to track employee attendance lists, employee hours worked, and how long it takes them to complete projects.

  • Employee Monitoring

Besides being able to track employees’ working hours, Hubstaff can also secretly monitor employee productivity. When employees work or during working hours, this feature can see what websites are visited by employees, what applications are currently open, and can take screenshots of employees’ laptop screens.

  • Workforce management

The workforce management feature will make it easier for you when doing HR management or personnel management. This feature will help create employee work schedules, manage salaries, invoices, task management, and others.

4. TimeCamp

TimeCamp is an online attendance application for employees that also provides comprehensive reports. To better monitor employee performance, this application can also be integrated with project management applications such as Trello, Asana, Jira, and many more. TimeCamp has several superior features, namely:

  • Time tracker

Features to track employee clock in and clock out. In addition, this application also allows you to find out the percentage of time spent by employees when opening applications or websites that are used for work.

  • Day off management

Allows employees to apply for leave and permits digitally. Data related to leave will be stored in the application, making it easier for the HRD team when it comes to managing it.

  • Project Profitability tracker

In addition to managing employee productivity, this application can also make it easier for you when managing project budgets. TimeCamp will provide reports related to projects that employees are working on such as date, total hours worked, total budget, and total project costs. With this feature, you can see if the project being worked on is within the set budget.

5. Connecteam

The next online attendance application is Connecteam. This app offers an all-in-one mobile-first solution so managers can efficiently manage their workforce from anywhere and anytime. Connecteam has several main functionalities namely:

  • Daily operations

ConnecTeam can make daily tasks easier, from clocking in clock out, tracking employee GPS locations, task management, and much more.

  • Communication

This application also provides functionality in the form of a chat feature so that it can keep the team connected.

  • HR & People Management

With this application, you will be helped when you have to do HR management. ConnecTeam makes it easy for you to provide training and rewards to employees. This application also has the ability to manage employee data properly.

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