Dokodemo-Kerja is a time-management oriented solution for both employers and employees alike. Through its efficient monitoring and management capabilities, Dokodemo-Kerja can further help companies improve their levels of productivity, while at the same time provide flexible working hours for employees.


Track Working Hours and Monitor Tasks

Dokodemo-Kerja takes low-resolution screenshots of your employee's desktop or laptop activities during random intervals when the application is switched on and sends the images to the management team.

Dokodemo-Kerja is compatible with PC, Mobile & Tablet

Accurate Time Reports

Dokodemo-Kerja accurately calculates and compiles employee work data and then displays it in an easy-to-read-format in just 1 simple click. This can greatly assist HR improve the overall accuracy of performance evaluation tasks.

Dokodemo-Kerja is compatible with PC, Mobile & Tablet

Manage Employees Man-Hours

Track the total man-hours spent by each employee on each individual task, so your company can easily predict and arrange target deadlines according to your employee's capabilities.

Dokodemo-Kerja is compatible with PC, Mobile & Tablet

Manage Off-Site Meetings

Dokodemo-Kerja’s Mobile Application utilizes GPS tracking, thereby allowing HR to easily track the location of each employee in real time during onsite events such as meetings or client visits.

Dokodemo GPS features

Manage Attendance

Dokodemo-Kerja can be used to keep track of absence history. Additionally, late records and overtime records are also accounted for in the attendance feature.

Manage Attendance

Manage Leaves and Day Offs

Leave or Day Off request processes can easily be streamlined. Forget about going through stacks of emails because everything will be recorded in the system.

Manage Leaves and Day Offs

Employee just need to "Start" or "Stop" the application

  • Users will be able to work anywhere, at any time.
  • When taking breaks, users will have to press the “Stop” button, so as to accurately calculate working hours.
  • User can now more efficiently manage their responsibilities according to their task.
Dokodemo-Kerja is compatible with PC, Mobile & Tablet

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