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Dokodemo-Kerja is HRIS software that mainly functions as an online attendance application for remote working, with a variety of additional features and advantages. The main function of this application is as an employee attendance management system that is able to record employee starting, resting and leaving times. It is also able to accumulate total working hours in an accurate manner.

The Dokodemo-Kerja application is now available in Version 3.0, besides being equipped with a GPS tracking feature designed to manage the activities of employees working outside of the office, Version 3.0 has also been equipped with Announcement and Upcoming Day off Calendar features so as to inform users about their individual leave activities regarding each employee, as well as information about upcoming national holidays.

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Dokodemo-Kerja is both an attendance & remote work management tool that allows for flexible work styles beneficial to both the company and employee alike through recording working hours no matter where the location. Since it is able manage work hours accurately, it makes calculating overtime hours and the number of paid leaves a much more efficient endeavor. Also, by taking and managing screenshots during the work session, one can discourage slacking during working hours.

As one of the best Human Resource Information System (HRIS) software in Indonesia, Dokodemo-Kerja provides solutions for HR departments in any company in the use of digital technology for a more effective and efficient Human Resource (HR) management process.

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As an online attendance application, Dokodemo-Kerja has been equipped with a variety of interesting features, such as a screen capture function in order to find out the details of the work being conducted, a GPS tracking feature that records overall employee productivity while working via mobile, as well as the latest calendar feature for upcoming days off serve to monitor teams that is or will be on leave so that it helps to manage the team well.


Your company will be able to implement innovative and flexible HR strategies, strengthening the overall output of your work force, while enhancing your staff’s wellbeing. Allowing employees to work remotely grants them flexible working hours, giving them the chance to work in a comfortable environment suited to them, while at the same time increasing productivity and improving upon practical management strategies which allow for the fair evaluation of staff. Overall, the advantages are many, for both the Company and Employees alike. These include:

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Cost Saving

Utilizing HRIS technology for remote work through an efficient online attendance application with a complete range of features such as Dokodemo-Kerja can serve to increase budget efficiency for both the company and the employee.

Cost Saving
Increased Productivity

Increased Productivity

Employees can singularly focus their efforts on producing results, while not having to waste time and energy on logistical difficulties and commuting.

Universal Hiring

Employers will be able to hire and work with excellent human resources from all over the world, regardless of where the office is located.

Universal Hiring
Retain Employees

Retain Employees

Employers will be able to hire from a much wider & even international HR source, regardless of where the office is located.

Accurate Evaluation

Dokodemo-Kerja keeps track on what employees are doing and how they work, thus assisting HR in the process of evaluating staff output in a fair and objective manner, with concrete evidence to back it up.

Accurate Evaluation


Rafid - Front End

The traffic jam that I experience every morning I leave for work can be stressful, to say the least. My house is quite far from the office and I have to take a crowded bus to get there. Everyday totals to about 4 hours on the road. That’s why I was so grateful when my company finally decided to use Dokodemo-Kerja and implemented systems of remote working in my office. With this new application, I can work anywhere I choose, and can further assign those 4 hours that would be otherwise wasted on being stuck in traffic,on productive activities.

Angga - Designer

I’ve always wanted to go back to university to finish my degree. Through Dokodemo-Kerja, I can prove to my manager that I am still able to work for 8 hours every day. Somedays, I work in the morning, and other times, I work at night. I can now continue my studies while still being gainfully employed. Dokodemo-Kerja has increased the quality of my life. Thank you.

Mizuho Yamada - Manager of Back Office

On occasion, I’ve noticed that some of my employees were having unusually long breaks during their allotted prayer time. I just want everyone to have fair working hours, no matter their religion, but it’s difficult for me to talk about this specific issue. Since we have implemented Dokodemo-Kerja, all of my employees now have fair working hours. When it comes time for their prayer break, they will always stop their Dokodemo-Kerja and start it once again when returning to work. Indeed, the application helps our company stay productive.

Kevin - Staff HR

It used to be so difficult to get my employees to stop spending their working hours browsing social media, watching YouTube videos or even playing games. In this respect, Dokodemo-Kerja has become an indispensable tool. Its ability to capture the desktop activities of each employee makes them manage their working hours in a more efficient manner. Now, when engaging in activities other than work, employees will pause their Dokodemo-Kerja.

Arie - HR

I used to think that working remotely full time was absurd. I mean, if everybody is working remotely, how do we know if they are honestly putting in any working hours? But ever since we’ve implemented Dokodemo-Kerja, we haven’t had to worry about such problems anymore. Such a system makes it possible for us to monitor how each of our employees spend their working hours. Dokodemo-Kerja has indeed helped our company for the better.

Sisca - Programmer

Dokodemo-Kerja has productively changed the way I work for the better. I’m a new mom and have reservations about trusting my newborn son with a babysitter while working at the office. I’m really happy with Dokodemo-Kerja in this regard as now, my company allows me to work from Home. Now, I can work while taking care of my baby throughout the day.

Tiara - Staff HR

I often have to reprimand employees who take lengthy smoking breaks. On such occasions, they are not working according to their agreed upon hours. I simply want my employees to work in a reasonable manner. After using Dokodemo-Kerja, employees now carefully regard the time that they use at work smoking. I can also easily calculate their overall working hours, as well.

Bobby Susanto - Programmer

Because of my mother’s illness, I thought I was faced with the choice of staying home and taking care of her, or my job. Because of Dokodemo-Kerja, it is now possible for me to work remotely from home. I can still tend to my mother, while working as a full time employee.

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