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Dokodemo-Kerja is a human resource tool & an employee attendance management system developed by PT. LOGIQUE Digital Indonesia, a Jakarta based company that offers digital solutions that promote healthier and productive work cultures, benefiting both the Company and Employees alike.

Dokodemo-Kerja takes its name from both the Japanese and Indonesian languages, with “Dokodemo” meaning “Anywhere” and “Kerja” meaning “to work”, which then translates to “Work Anywhere.” This is reflected on its main function, as it allows for employees to work in an environment most suited to them, instead of being confined to a single location, while efficiently monitoring their daily working routines.

You can see and get further information regarding Dokodemo-Kerja here. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to CONTACT US; we will be delighted to explain about Dokodemo-Kerja

Dokodemo-Kerja is Compatible for Macintosh


For businesses operating from Jakarta, a city well known for its high levels of traffic congestion, coming to work late has become a pervasive part of millennial culture. We aim to change that.

A case study conducted by Stanford University Professor Nicholas Bloom has shown that, through incorporating ‘Working from home’ strategies, a number of relevant improvements were observed, such as:

  1. Employees who worked remotely were working a ‘true’ shift (Or for even longer), as opposed to arriving at the office late and leaving early on multiple occasions. These results support the fact that working from home is overall, less distracting for employees, and facilitates longer and better quality work sessions.
  2. Employee attrition had decreased by 50 percent among staff working remotely. They also took shorter breaks, had fewer sick days, and took less time off.
  3. Companies could greatly reduce their expenses by lowering the amount of office space they used.

By implementing work rotation schedules, Dokodemo-Kerja can prove to be a powerful tool to help reducing costs, maximizing workforce potential and promoting a productive work environment.

To Whom?

HR and Managers

Dokodemo-Kerja will help you manage your employees' activity. You do not need to know where they are, but you know what they are doing.

1. Save up on Office Spaces

By rotating your employee's working days in and out of the office, you can efficiently use minimal office space.

2. Evaluate your Employees Objectively

With accurate work time data, you will be able to evaluate your employee based on his/her work. Those who puts in more time, completes more tasks, and doesn't slack off as much would be rewarded more than those who visibly neglects their job.

3. Increase Employee Retention

Employee retention is an important part of an organization's growth. By rewarding all the right employees, it would help to reduce the resignation rate.

4. Working Hour Management

By using Dokodemo-Kerja you will be able to observe your employees working pattern, and from the pattern you can work with the employee to achieve better working habit.


In times of rapid growth, keeping a work-life balance has became a challenge. Here are the common types of problems that might hinder an employee's working-hour, and how Dokodemo-Kerja solves some of those problems.

View from above the Mountains Dokodemo-Kerja is compatible with Macintosh

Work Anytime & Anywhere

You will be able to work in a place that have or give you a positive working environment, where it will help you to concentrate and focus better.

Increase Productivity

By eliminating all of the wasteful and inconvenient elements that inevitably come with navigating through the morning traffic on the way to your office, you can have more energy to do what is needed.

Work at home from your computer
Dokodemo-Kerja for PC

Improve Your Time Management

Through having an accurate record of the time it takes to finish a single task, everyone can easily self-evaluate their work, and hence, improve upon it in the future. By actually seeing your actual break and working time, you will be able to manage your time more effectively.