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Dokodemo-Kerja is a cloud-based online attendance application that makes it easier for companies to remotely monitor the attendance and productivity of all employees. There are a number of benefits regarding this application, as it was deliberately built utilizing a variety of useful functions, such as screen capture, GPS tracking and leave management features, among others.

Until now, Dokodemo-Kerja has been used by various companies throughout Indonesia and has proven to be able to help manage employees in an effective and efficient manner. Through the features that have been provided, both the company and its employees can experience first hand the various benefits that can be gained from using this application, some of which include an increased level of discipline for employees, as well as a good work life balance.

If your company needs a high quality online attendance application that is reliable, safe, and easy to use, then Dokodemo-Kerja is the answer that you’ve been waiting for. We will always seek to provide your company with our ongoing support, and will ensure that you receive the maximum number of benefits from the use of our application.

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