The Digital Transformation & Development of Indonesia's HR System

Digital transformation (DX) within the area of human resource management, through various supporting applications (HR tools), is becoming a growing necessity for companies worldwide. Apart from adapting to ever-evolving technological trends, digital transformation is also key in order to support any current work systems that may have undergone any changes. Working with remote systems, which is growing increasingly common, has already been widely implemented. Such requires a special approach in regards to resource management.

Information on HR and Supporting Technologies

The use of HRIS (Human Resource Information Systems) technologies such as e-attendance systems and HR management software or HRMS (Human Resource Management Systems) all play an important role in efficiently managing business resources, serving to maintain the comfort and productivity of a company’s workforce, having them last longer in long run.

About Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS)

In order to be able to keep up with these evolving HR trends, we aim to provide information in regards to topics such as HR technology, HRIS systems, HRMS, and other insights which can prove useful with regards to the resource management capabilities within your company.

The function of HRIS within HR management

Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) show a significant capacity in managing a company’s human resources, not only in regards to the recruitment process or employee compensation plans; HRIS also functions as a support mechanism in the decision-making process itself, including in the development and training of human resources so as to promote a greater level of productivity and therefore output for your company.

Benefits of HRIS for your Company

HRIS, or Human Resource Information Systems, are used to run better and more orderly methods of processing and storing data for a company’s workforce. HRIS utilizes online-based software/applications capable of comprehensively storing valid data within a special database.

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