The Best HRIS Applications Currently Available

HRIS is an acronym that stands for a Human Resource Information System; the product of a rapidly developing and digitized economy, such applications function to assist the HRD division in managing a company’s human resources. HRIS apps were created with the aim of making it easier for the HR department to track data and process it into organized articles of data used to determine a wide variety of important functions, such as salaries, leave days, and other factors of importance.

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Some things that can be found via a HRIS system include employee data, attendance data and payroll data. Even so, there are also several such applications that include the ability to take screenshots and tracking map features which greatly help with increasing the overall level of employee productivity while working from home (WFH).

The Benefits of HRIS

  • Centralized Employee Data

If you use a web-based HRIS application, all employee data becomes centralized so you don’t have to bother asking for data from branch offices that are located far from each other making it difficult to coordinate. Through this application, it will be easier to coordinate in every project that is being carried out.

  • Reduce Human Error

Through the HRIS application, companies can easily monitor the work of each employee. This application makes all work transparent because it can find out which employees really work hard on each project and which ones don’t. In addition, using this application will certainly reduce human errors which will later worsen any ongoing projects. As for the HR team, the HRIS software will certainly help them from errors in calculating salaries, taxes, and various other risks due to human error.

  • More Sophisticated Data Security

The HRIS application turned out to make data security for employees more secure, considering that only a few people from the company or organization were able to access the data of these employees.

  • Reduce Paper Usage

Another benefit of using the HRIS application is that it reduces paper usage so that manual processes that are usually done for a long time will feel faster. Because, which is usually inputted manually in inputting employee data, this application can be done quickly and integrated.

  • Accessible from anywhere

Compared to using paper, with the HRIS application all data will be easily accessed from anywhere, aka no need to come to the office. Just imagine if at any time you need the data outside the office or at home, of course it will be very inconvenient, right?

  • Employee communication with HR Department went smoothly

One of the other benefits of the HRIS application is that it facilitates communication between the HR division and employees, especially in giving important announcements, such as joint leave or reminding employees to report taxes.

Types of HRIS Apps

Based on its function, HRIS software is divided into three, namely operational software, tactical software, and strategic software. These three types of software are made according to their respective functions.

  • Operational Software

It is HRIS software that is used to manage HR needs in the operational scope, such as employee attendance, administration, to payroll. Usually, this type of software has a choice of modules that have been integrated with several other HR supporting devices.

  • Tactical Software

Usually tactical software has a module that has been integrated with several devices supporting HR activities, especially in terms of recruitment, training/ development, and manpower planning.

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  • Strategic Software

Strategic type HRIS software usually has a choice of integration modules that allow companies to align company strategies with employee strategies that are implemented through performance reviews and goal alignment.

Best HRIS Applications

Currently, there are many HRIS applications that can be easily found in cyberspace that offer many features to make the work of HRD easier. The following are some HRIS applications that have been widely used, including

  • NaturalHR

This application is one of the UK-made HRIS applications that you can enjoy for free without ads and trials. Some of the features that you can get from the NaturalHR application such as time tracking features, recruitment features, holidays and leave features, employee self-service features, training material storage features, to employee performance appraisal features.

  • Web Human Resources (WebHR)

It is an HRIS application from Indonesia that was created in 2010. In fact, the number of users of this application has touched 9000. This web-based application is very suitable for small and medium-sized companies with a limited number of employees only 10 people. You can use this app for free, but there are a lot of annoying ads on this app. There are several features in this application that you can take advantage of, such as tracking attendance, payroll, to recruitment which of course makes it easier for users.

  • Dokodemo Kerja

It is an HRIS application created by Logique Digital Indonesia that functions like other HRIS applications. However, what makes Dokodemo-Kerja different is that it has a GPS feature that functions to monitor the performance of employees who are in meetings outside the office. This superior feature functions so that the company can really monitor that the employee is actually meeting with the client and will return to the office immediately after the meeting is over. Another feature that is superior to the Dokodemo application is the screenshot feature which functions to monitor the work of employees every day. Through this application, the HRD division can find out the performance of each employee transparently.

  • Deskera

It is one of the best HRIS applications currently available. The target market of this application is large companies with enterprise business scale. Some of the features contained in this application, such as payroll management features, performance management, timesheets, recruitment, to real-time reporting. This application is made to meet all needs on a larger scale. In addition, the Deskera application can also be used for CRM and ERP modules. Deskera is divided into two versions, namely the open source or free version, and the paid version.

  • KaryaOne

Another HRIS application that can be your choice is the KaryaOne application. This application is one of the applications made in Indonesia and has been widely used by various companies, MSMEs, and corporations. Some of the features contained in this application include attendance features, payroll features, leave and overtime features, tax calculation features, and several other features. The KaryaOne application is also web or cloud-based so users no longer need to install on your computer.

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