Here are Some Tips on How to Work Remotely Abroad!

Working abroad has always been a very attractive prospect for workers seeking to get employed on a remote basis. Especially if the work can be done remotely from Indonesia. Well, if you happen to be one of these people, this article is indeed for you! Advances in technology have allowed many people to work remotely and even from abroad. Previously, remote work systems were only popular among freelancers, but now there exists a plethora of full-time workers who can flexibly engage their employment from abroad with this work system.

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In Indonesia itself, remote work has become increasingly popular. Even many companies prefer to use modern office spaces such as co-working spaces, hot desks, virtual offices or others because most of their employees can work remotely or from home. In addition, it is important to note that the overall interest to gain remote based employment abroad has continued to increase.

If you’re interested in engaging in distance-based work within another country, we aim to present some tips to be able to do just that!

How to Work Abroad via a Remote Work Based System

1. Do your research first

Before you start looking for a job abroad or follow the employee recruitment and selection process, it’s a good idea to do a variety of research first. This needs to be done to ensure that you can work abroad smoothly. Some things that need to be ensured are as follows:

  • Taxes

Before working abroad with a remote work system, first understand the regulations related to income tax or income tax that needs to be paid. So, check the applicable regulations regarding your tax payments and responsibilities.

  • Time zone

Choosing a job abroad means that you will work with a different time zone than Indonesia. For example, if you want to work for a company in America then there will be a time zone difference that is more than 10 hours. Consider this first, ascertain whether the time zone difference can cause problems or not.

  • Languages spoken

The important thing to note next is related to the use of language. You also have to make sure of this in advance because language differences will certainly make it difficult to communicate. Therefore, when looking for a job abroad with a remote system make sure that you master the language they speak every day.

2. Develop Essential remote-work based skills

When working with remote work systems, there will be a lot of things that you need to handle yourself. So, to convince employers that you can actually work with the work system, there are some skills that you need to master. Examples such as:

familiar with remote work applications such as HRIS applications, project management, video conferencing applications, etc.

  • Can work independently
  • Good time management skills
  • Good communication skills
  • Adaptable
  • Focus on work
  • Cybersecurity Aware

By mastering the above mentioned skills, you can reassure your employer that you’re fully prepared to work remotely. So, it’s a good idea to master these skills so that you can work smoothly.

3. Search for job vacancies abroad with a remote system

The next step is to find job vacancies abroad that implement a remote work system. Today there are so many of the best platforms to find remote job openings in different parts of the world. Here we give some recommendations of the site:

  • Linkedin
  • Flexjobs
  • We Work Remotely
  • Remotive
  • Working Nomads

Through the platform, you can find many companies that can hire team members from different regions of the world. That way, you can find job vacancies abroad that implement a remote work system.

4. Apply for the most suitable job vacancies

If you have already found a vacancy of the worker that best suits your skills, then you can immediately send a cover letter. Make sure the format or content of the CV you send explains the information that the company really needs.

In addition, the recruitment team will usually use applicant tracking systems that can automatically scan resumes for certain keywords. So, look for specific keywords that companies use when posting job openings and then use those keywords on your cover letter.

5. Prepare for a virtual interview

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In order for the interview to go smoothly, there are a few things you need to prepare for. Here are some tips you can do:

  • Prepare an interview room free from distractions
  • Make sure you have a strong and smooth internet connection
  • Practice answering commonly asked questions by interviewers
  • Ask questions so you can have an idea of the work culture at the company

if you don’t get information when feedback will be given, you can follow up via email. Don’t forget to thank you for the interview opportunity that has been given.

6. Start working abroad through a remote system

When you manage to acquire the desired job, you need to start it correctly. Thus, you can be in a ready state when starting such a new job.

Here are some things you can prepare before you start working:

Make sure you have the equipment you need to work. You can also ask this to the company if there are certain tools that will be used while working.

  • Fill out the form or prepare the documents required by the company.
  • Take the time to constantly hone your skills.
  • Prepare a comfortable room that can make you focus on working.

Advances in technology have indeed made it easier for people to be able to do various things virtually, including for work. So, there is nothing wrong if you adapt to these technological advances to get a higher income.

Some of the tips above you can do to be able to get a job abroad with a remote work system. You need to know, in Indonesia itself there are actually so many companies that are still implementing remote working systems even though the Covid-19 pandemic conditions have become more stable. They manage teams or employees spread across different regions remotely by utilizing the HRIS application.

Dokodemo-Kerja, a HRIS Application used for Remote Work

You need to know, one of the applications that will be used when working remotely is the HRIS application. This application can be used for online attendance as well as monitoring employee performance remotely.

Dokodemo-Kerja itself has several features to monitor employees such as:

  • Time tracker: tracks working hours
  • GPS tracker: track employee work location
  • Screen monitoring: monitors employee activity by creating a screen capture on the employee’s desktop screen

With these various features, employees who work from other regions or countries will still be monitored very well. Until now, Dokodemo-Kerja has been used by many companies in Indonesia and has proven to be able to encourage employee productivity.

This application is intended for HR practitioners so that the HR management process in the company can run more optimally. For more information about this application, please click the Dokodemo-Kerja HRIS Feature.

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