Advantages of Online Attendance Systems

As is known, the popularity of online attendance applications has been increasing for quite some time. This is due to the fact that many companies have recently started implementing WFH or remote work systems. In fact, companies with on-site work systems have increasingly switched to applying these sophisticated systems in order to manage employee attendance lists.

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However, in the midst of such technological developments, there are a variety of companies that still rely on conventional attendance systems. The reason is because of several concerns such as worrying if the price of online attendance applications is expensive, fear if the application is difficult to operate, and much more. In fact, currently there are so many choices of online attendance systems offered at affordable prices and are user friendly or easy to use.

Why Should Companies Implement Online Attendance System?

Broadly speaking, the online attendance system is a system that can be used by employees to conduct attendance or attendance online through digital devices that are already connected to an internet connection. In general, the system will be presented in the form of software or applications.

No matter how big or small your company is, having this system is an important thing to do. Please note, although it is called an online attendance system, the system also provides various useful features for the HR team. So, in addition to being able to record employee attendance lists, this attendance system also has many other functionalities ranging from recording total working time, leave management, calculating overtime time, and others.

As we know, each employee works on tasks with their own deadlines. Through this attendance system, the company or HRD can prevent the use of time for unproductive things, track employee performance during working hours, and find out how much time is used to rest. By using online attendance, you can prevent delays in meeting deadlines that can harm the company.

For more details, please see some of the advantages of online attendance systems over manual/conventional attendance systems.

Advantages of Online Attendance Systems Over Conventional Attendance Systems

1. Allows remote working strategies

The first advantage of the online attendance system is that it allows companies to implement flexible work systems such as remote work or Work From Home. Unlike manual attendance systems that have a physical form and need to be installed in office buildings, this online attendance system can be accessed from employees’ laptops and smartphones. That way, recording attendance lists can still be done even if employees work from home.

For employees who work mobile such as the sales team, this attendance system also makes it easier for them because it can be used to conduct attendance or record attendance online. That way, employees can immediately go to the client’s location without having to come to the office just to do a review.

In addition, keep in mind that when companies implement a remote working system, they will benefit in the form of convenience when recruiting employees. Since employees can work from anywhere, regional boundaries are no longer a problem. Companies can still hire quality employees even if they are in a different region from your company.

2. Much more cost-effective

Online attendance is also much more economical than manual attendance systems. Imagine if a company has several branches spread across various regions in Indonesia, then when using a manual attendance system, the company needs to install these devices in each branch. Unlike the case with the online attendance system where one application can be installed directly on each employee’s laptop or smartphone. That way, you can save a lot more on expenses. In addition, the online attendance system is also a savings measure because the data presented is very accurate so as to minimize payroll errors.

3. Accurate real time data tracking

In the online attendance system, modern technology has been embedded that allows the system to track and store attendance data in real-time or real time during the process or event occurs. Through this technology, companies can monitor attendance time, total working hours, GPS location, and employee productivity in real time. The system can also automatically display the data of employees who arrive late. When compared to a paper-based manual system, an online attendance system is much more effective and efficient to present the data needed by the company or HRD team.

4. Reporting via workflow management becomes unnecessary

The advantage of online attendance over manual systems is that they do not report with workflow management. As we mentioned earlier, the online attendance system will present various data in real time. With this functionality, the company or HRD will have clear visibility of employee attendance lists, attendance regularization requests (shifting), leave requests, overtime requests, etc. With just a few clicks, all requests can be monitored and can be processed immediately.

5. Increased productivity

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The advantage of an online attendance system is that it is able to encourage productivity. For HR practitioners, this system can help with HRD tasks such as managing attendance lists, tracking total working hours, managing leave applications, and others. Meanwhile, from the employee side, this system will increase its productivity because the company can monitor employee performance every day. This will encourage employees to comply with policies that have been determined by the company. In addition, online attendance also allows employees to be able to do time management properly so that they can complete tasks according to deadlines.

Examples of Online Attendance Systems

1. Dokodemo-Work

Dokodemo-Kerja is an online attendance application developed by IT/DX consulting & developer companies in Indonesia. This application is specifically designed to make it easier for HR practitioners to carry out HR management in their companies.

Broadly speaking, here are the main features that the onlne attendance application relies on:

  • Online attendance and attendance from laptop or smartphone devices
  • Day off management or employee leave management
  • GPS location tracker
  • Employee Total Working Hours Tracker
  • Screen monitoring or employee desktop screen tracker
  • Reports related to employee attendance lists

In addition, Dokodemo-Kerja had also been developed by applying a user-friendly overall appearance, making it easy to be operated employees on a functional basis. To conduct attendance online, employees only need to press the “Start” and “Stop” buttons. This application also has a good cybersecurity system to protect employee data stored in it.

2. Time Doctor

Time Doctor is also an example of an online attendance application. This application is also easy to use where users / employees can simply press the “Start” and “Stop” buttons to do attendance and calculate working hours.

  • The main features provided by Time Doctor are as follows:
  • Attendance and online attendance
  • Presenting employee attendance lists
  • Payroll

3. Hubstaff

The next example of an online attendance application is Hubstaff. This system also provides a variety of features to simplify the human resource management process in the company. Here are some examples of the features they have:

  • Employee working hours tracker
  • Workforce Management
  • Employee monitoring becomes easier and allow the viewing of websites and applications visited by employees while on duty.

If your company is interested in switching to using this online attendance system, you can rely on Dokodemo-kerja. Please contact us, the Dokodemo-Kerja team will be happy to help provide a full explanation of the digital attendance system.

In addition to providing a variety of useful functionality for your company, currently Dokodemo-Kerja also provides the development of custom features. Thus, you can use this application according to the needs of the company. Click here to connect with the Dokodemo-Kerja team.

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