How To Utilize Dokodemo-Kerja

Dokodemo-Kerja has assisted many companies in a wide range of issues, such as increasing their overall level of employee productivity, creating a good work life balance, producing more objective employee performance appraisals, as well as creating flexible work systems, among other benefits.

As an application specifically developed to support Human Resources (HR tools) related activities, Dokodemo-Kerja is aimed at improving and promoting a healthy, productive and flexible work culture that benefits both employees and the employer alike.

The name of,


Is a combination of words of both Japanese and Indonesian origin, namely the word "Dokodemo" which means "anywhere" and the word "Kerja", with the full name Dokodemo-Kerja being interpreted as "work anywhere".

Dokodemo-Kerja's flexibility is supported by a variety of features that can accommodate all the needs required by both the company and its employees, ranging from its attendance tracking feature, its ability to accurately calculate work hours, the employee leave management feature to its GPS tracking capabilities and the app’s random screen capture monitoring abilities.

The advantages of Dokodemo-Kerja as an HR tool has been proven by the variety of companies which have utilized it. From increasing productivity and professionalism within the workplace, to its ability to promote an ideal work-life balance for employees. The following are case studies from several companies, including Logique Digital Indonesia as the app’s developer and the first to implement it.


Employee just need to "Start" or "Stop" the application.

  • Users will be able to work anywhere, at any time.
  • When taking breaks, users will have to press the “Stop” button, so as to accurately calculate working hours.
  • User can now more efficiently manage their responsibilities according to their task.


Easily track everyone's working hours and their activities. Below are some of the example policies for implementing Dokodemo-Kerja

  • HR may assign one member of staff to monitor all Dokodemo related activities.
  • Staff can manage their own work timeframes and post clarifying comments.
  • If the screenshots taken by the application show three identical images consecutively, HR can then take further action facilitated by this evidence.
  • Managers can further organize their teams effectively because they can see which employees are on leave so that no team has multiple members on leave at the same time.
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