Dokodemo Case Study #2:
Multifunctional HR Application used for Attendance tracking, monitoring & Employee Work Evaluation

“Since our workforce currently exceed 50 people, employee performance evaluation can be difficult. However, Dokodemo-Kerja has simplified the appraisal process so that it can be conducted fairly and objectively.”

  • Q: Why are you interested in using 『Dokodemo-Kerja』?

    A: My company provides billing system services in Indonesia. Since our office has a multinational atmosphere, the number of staff has now exceeded 50. So, it has become difficult to manage the individual working styles of all our employees. Who is working efficiently and productively? Also, who isn’t contributing to the company at all? As our company expanded it became harder for HR and our system of management to grasp the individual output of our growing number of staff. Therefore, management and HR rarely knew the level of productivity of each employee, which was a significant issue for the organization. Even when deciding on important issues like salary increases, the level of contribution could not be accurately evaluated when it was only based on how long the employee had been working. In such cases, there were times when I naturally felt the number of hours did not match the level of effort put in.

    Of course, I was also aware of individuals who achieved good results within each project, but the difficulty of each project always varies, so it is unfair to make judgements based on only the results, alone. I have always aimed to carefully evaluate each individual, taking into account not only their results, but also the general ideas they’ve used, an individual’s efforts when problem solving, the approach taken, and improvement rates throughout a period of time. That's when I found out about "Dokodemo-Kerja", which was developed by LOGIQUE. We had decided to implement it within our company’s structure, as we thought it could be the right tool to solve our current problems.

  • Q: Have the results met your expectations?

    A: Indeed, they have exceeded my expectations. The most significant result after using "Dokodemo-Kerja" was that for the first time, I was able to know the type of work being done by each employee. Until now, I was surprised to see that there were many employees who had characters and personalities that were completely different from the impression I got when speaking directly to them.

    There was also an incident where an employee was so busy with his work that he often worked overtime, to the point that I had become worried whether I had given him too many assignments. However, it turns out that these employees often choose to work overtime because their current working strategies were very unproductive, as they often paused their work to play online games. As a result, I encouraged him to improve his schedule.

    Of course, there are positive examples as well, such as one employee who, despite other employees working overtime, consistently goes home early. After being investigated, it turns out that the employee had shortened his break time so that he could concentrate on working and leaving early.

    This way, various aspects of work which were not seen could now be included in making a clear assessment, where the results of the evaluation are agreed upon by all parties involved, because it is done fairly and objectively. The results and the effects felt by "Dokodemo-Kerja" for the company are apparent, and I myself am satisfied.

  • Q: Does implementing『Dokodemo-Kerja』also come with any external effects?

    A: Yes, as with other system development companies, the fees charged to the customer is usually based the amount of work our employees have put in. For example, ”This project requires 10 people / month, then the estimate is $ X, XX".

    Occasionally, the adequacy of our contracts would be discussed with our customers. When we reported that 10 people/month had worked on a project, there were customers who would question our methods. Since the type of work could not be clearly understood by the customer, it was common for them to question the efficiency of our work process, in regards to the expenses paid for it. Until now, there has been no other way to prove the effectiveness of our work except through submitting a report regarding every employee who worked on the project and the hours put into each of their tasks. Thanks to "Dokodemo-Kerja", if there is a request from our clients about this matter, we can calculate and provide concrete evidence of the work that has been done. Having clear evidence at one’s disposal about the projects being worked on is very useful for improving relationships with clients, as from this, we will end up being much more confident when negotiating an offer.

    This also helps when a system that we’ve sent to a client fails to work properly. After the problem occurs, a report can be provided to the client containing proof of our work so as to ensure a quick recovery. The report could include evidence provided by Dokodemo-Kerja, which clearly shows the timeframe and the personnel involved in the work. As a result, our clients can better appreciate our hard work, and can establish a better working relationship with our company.

  • Q: Thank you for sharing your valuable experience with us. Is there anything else you would like to add?

    A: The price tag that comes with "Dokodemo-Kerja" is a reasonable one, as I believe that it is an excellent management tool.

    I think every company must have its own unique problems regarding human resources, but if your company is anything like ours when it comes to evaluating work or similar problems, then I feel that using "Dokodemo-Kerja" can result in the promotion of a fairer working environment. I hope that, as a tool designed to improve an organization's productivity and levels of motivation, it can play a role in promoting a healthier, more productive way of working.

    We will most definitely continue to use it, and we further hope that LOGIQUE will continue to improve their existing tools.

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