Screen Monitoring Software for both Windows & Mac

The pandemic has seen a lot of changes within the world of work, such changes we would never have expected if it want for the worldwide lockdown mixed with the need to continue work from home. Indeed, due to these New Normal laws, many companies have switched to remote work and have subsequently faced the following issues: How can the overall productivity of remote working employees be efficiently monitored and kept tabs on when the entire team works remotely? How to avoid data leakage when the company switched to remote work? Fortunately, there are special employees monitoring programs on the market today that can help you monitor employee efficiency and prevent insider threats wherever they are. Without further ado, let’s take a look at the list of the best employee monitoring software for Windows and Mac.

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1. Spyrix

Spyrix is ​​the most powerful solution for keeping an eye on employee productivity. The program is cloud-based and allows remote monitoring of all user activities from any device. The installation of the program takes up to 5 minutes which makes it a perfect tool for both large corporations and small startups. Spyrix is ​​suitable not only for productivity monitoring but also for data leakage prevention as it can control USB drives. The program offers 2 modes: visible and hidden. It is compatible with Windows and macOS and offers a free version. Pros: Powerful features, a free trial, easy to install, requires no IT experts to install. The user interface is translated into multiple languages ​​including Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, German, French, Chinese and more. Cons include: Screen recording and call recording are add-ons and must be purchased separately.

2. CleverControl

The CleverControl Employee Monitoring software has won 2nd place on this list, and for good reason: this software is totally cloud based, which facilitates work tracking of all active users. The reason why this software is so effective is because it utilizes a very effective (yet blatant) method of screen monitoring, which is the ability to live record the screen of all users, making it one of the more effective, if not intrusive, entries on the list.

CleverControl is compatible with both Windows and macOS and provides a free trial during which you can test out all the functionalities that it has to offer. This program is effective when it comes to monitoring productivity, as well as investigating illegalities that have been potentially done by any individual employee. Furthermore, the software has natural safeguards that protect it from cases of data leakage. Some more advantages include: the ability to monitor remotely the computer of up to 500 computers, this software is a cloud-based solution, and all of its settings can be changed remotely and applied to all associated accounts from the main online account. The software also supports multiple languages ​, some of which include English, Spanish, Chinese, German, etc.). However, some disadvantages exist for this application, some of which include: the fact that user might need to take a while to adjust to the many different functions features on the dashboard, as there as a lot that is being monitored from there.

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3. Hubstaff

Hubstaff has always presented a great solution for overall office productivity. Hubstaff presents Employee monitoring capabilities that present features allowing users to see in real time the different types of workers within your office via screenshots, also utilizing an effective function that allows the user to fully see the list of sites visited by each employee in an easy to read manner. The online dashboard, as well, is user friendly and shows data on your employees automatically.

This software is known from its ease of use and registering for it offers a 14 day free trial as well as an online demo in order for you to first be fully sure whether you like the various functions or not. The full price of subscription will be based on, you guessed it: the overall number of those who you have signed up to use the software (also known as “your employees”), or, simply, the number of computers who aim to be monitored by the software, in addition to the number of features you have specifically chosen to utilize. Overall, its pros include the fact that it has plenty of features to properly secure efficient office or remote employment situation. However, it does have a disadvantage, which is simply the fact that its more advanced plans get considerably more expansive.

4. ActivTrakGenericName

ActivTrak is also a widely used employee monitoring program. With this program, you can analyze employee activity and find out how work gets done. As usual, the program offers a free and advanced version. The free version is limited in features and allows you to track up to 3 computer users. Pros: Perfect for productivity tracking, offers tons of monitoring features, has a free version. Cons: Some features that help prevent insider threats and data leakage.

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