5 Functions of the Mobile Attendance Application in Managing the Sales Team

The mobile attendance application is a system used by employees via mobile or mobile devices. This system has proven its ability to help the sales team in efficiently managing work hours more .

The sales and marketing teams are among the various divisions within the company that specifically require the utilization of proper time management. Every minute they spend on activities outside of marketing can lead to opportunities to generate better sales.

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On the other hand, it is the responsibility of the HRD team to appropriately intervene. They are obligated to keep tabs on every employee within the company, requiring the sales team to always come to the office before travelling out to meet their clients for the day.

This of course makes the sales or marketing teams unable to move in a quick and efficient manner. A solution to this is the use of a mobile attendance application. Through this, the HRD team can still monitor the attendances for the sales/marketing team while allowing them a greater level of independence and flexibility.

What is a Mobile Attendance Application?

A mobile attendance application is a type of software that can be used through a wide range of devices such as smartphones and laptops. As long as it is connected to the internet, the employees using it can be managed thoroughly and their locations can be tracked.

To use it, employees first need to install the application on the device they are using. Furthermore, employees can simply record their attendance through the application.

It is important to know that every online attendance app utilizes different features; some require the users to attach photos. However, there are those that provide a simple attendance tracking feature where employees simply need to press the Start/Play button, or simply login to the application.

After employees perform attendance on their respective devices, the system will record the activity in real time and send it to the HRD team. Thus, the attendance data obtained will remain accurate.

Mobile Attendance Application Features

Broadly speaking, the online attendance application provides several main features. Some of them are as follows:

1. Clock in and clock out

Clock in and clock out is a feature to record incoming hours and finished hours of work. This feature must be in the application because it serves to find out whether employees start work on time or late.

2. Leave management

In addition to recording employee attendance lists, attendance applications must also be able to record employee absence data such as due to illness or permission. Applications will also usually provide an easy leave application feature.

3. Time tracker

Time tracker is a feature to record and calculate the number of hours worked by employees. When employees clock in, the system will start counting and when employees clock out, the system will stop counting. Furthermore, the system can accumulate the number of hours worked by employees either on a daily, weekly, or monthly basis.

4. GPS tracker

As the name implies, the GPS tracker feature can help track the location of employees who work on a mobile basis. This feature generally works using the Global Navigation Satellite System network to provide location information and track movement.

5. Report

To facilitate the task of the HRD team, this attendance system will also provide reports for you. Broadly speaking, the reports provided will be related to employee attendance hours, total hours worked, employee shift patterns, and others.

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Benefits of the Mobile Attendance Application in Managing the Sales Team

1. Provide a more practical attendance process

As previously explained, the mobile attendance application can be accessed as long as the device is connected to an internet connection. That means, the sales team can take attendance wherever they are, even at the client’s location. This certainly benefits the sales team because they don’t have to spend a lot of time traveling to the office and can immediately meet clients.

However, the HRD team will still obtain accurate attendance data. Mobile attendance applications generally provide an integrated database. So, the application can work as one place that contains various information related to employees, one of which is employee attendance hours. Thus, the HRD team can still monitor employee discipline and see if the sales team starts working on time or late.

2. Make it easier for the HRD team to monitor the location of the sales team

As we know, the sales division works from one location to another to meet clients. Sometimes the HRD team has difficulty monitoring their location and requires the sales team to provide reports regarding their location.

Through the mobile attendance application, this does not need to be done anymore because in general attendance applications such as Dokodemo-Kerja already provide a GPS tracker feature for their users. In Dokodemo-Kerja this GPS tracker feature can show the date and time spent by employees at certain locations and track the travel routes taken by these employees. Thus, the sales team can focus on their work and the system will help report the location of the HRD team.

3. Make it easier to track the sales team’s working hours

The mobile attendance application is not only useful for taking attendance for employees. This application also provides various features that make it easier for the HRD team to manage employees who work remotely or outside the office.

Each company generally has different working hours. But keep in mind that every employee must fulfill his obligations to be able to work a total of 40 hours a week. For the sales team, keeping track of their total working hours can be difficult. Fortunately, the online attendance application provides a time tracking feature that can record how many hours employees work in one day, one week or one month. Thus, the HRD team does not have to worry about employees who work outside the office because the system can still monitor their total working hours accurately.

4. Improve better time management

The sales team must be able to manage their working time as well as possible so that they can meet several potential clients in one day. To improve good time management, the sales team needs to understand how they spend their work hours. This method can provide insight regarding ineffective and inefficient use of time, so the sales team can make changes for the better.

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To do this, the sales team can use the time tracker or GPS tracker in the mobile attendance application. This application can record how much time is spent on each visit so that the sales team can become more aware of their time management.

5. Increase the sales target of the sales team

As we know, the sales team in every company generally has a sales target. Indirectly, the use of this online attendance application can encourage the achievement of targets. This application is built with various features such as GPS tracker and time tracker so that it can build employee discipline and responsibility towards their work. In the end, features in the online attendance application can help better time management and encourage sales team work patterns to be more productive.

Dokodemo-Kerja Mobile Attendance Application

In Indonesia, there are currently several mobile attendance applications and one application that you can rely on to manage the company’s sales team is Dokodemo-Kerja.

This application can run well on desktop or mobile devices. Simply by installing the application and connecting it to an internet connection, employees or the sales team can access it easily anywhere and anytime.

Dokodemo-Kerja is built with various features, namely:

1. Online attendance feature

To perform attendance through Dokodemo-Kerja, users must first log into the application using their registered email, password, and company code. Furthermore, after entering the application, the user simply presses the “Play” button to start and the “Stop” button to stop. When you press the “Play” button, the system will start working to calculate and track your working hours.

2. Screenshots

When running on a desktop device, Dokodemo-Kerja can take screenshots. With this feature, the HRD team can find out the activities carried out by each employee on their device. However, you don’t have to worry about privacy issues because the screenshots taken by the system are low-quality images. So, the contents of the chat or the contents of a secret email remain unreadable.

3. GPS tracker

We provide a GPS tracker for users of the mobile version of Dokodemo-Kerja. So, if used via a smartphone device, the system can track the location and show the route taken by employees who work outside the office. This feature is perfect for tracking the mobility of the sales team or marketing team who work outside the office.

4. Time tracker

When the user presses the “Play” button to take attendance, the Dokodemo-Kerja time tracker will start running. This system will calculate and display how many hours employees have worked in one day, one week, or one month.

5. Employee Self Service

Dokodemo-Kerja also provides an Employee Self Service feature so that employees can perform HRD functions independently. In this application, employees can see their total working hours, see the amount of leave quota remaining, as well as easy leave application.

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In today’s digital era, an online attendance system is increasingly needed. By optimizing the role of technology, companies can build a better work culture so as to encourage business development.

If you are currently still using a manual system to manage employees, then now is the time to transform to digital. Dokodemo-Kerja will simplify employee management and encourage employee productivity.

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