Types of HRIS Software You Need to Know

There are several types of HRIS software in Indonesia, all of which are designed to streamline the HR management process and facilitate quick and easy employee management.

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As was explained in the “HRIS Application Definition and Functions” page, this software allows the HRD (Human Resource Development) team to manage data stored on a large-scale on a much easier basis. In addition, Indonesian based HRIS software can also be used to increase employee productivity and discipline towards office regulations.

3 Categories of HR Software

Before we explain what types of HRIS software are currently in circulation, it is important first to understand that generally, HR software technology is divided into 3 main categories, namely:

  1. HRIS (Human Resource Information System) is a type of software designed to manage data, policies, and procedures related to the employees within a company.
  2. HCM (Human Capital Management) is software that includes various HRIS features but comes with additional functions, namely talent management features and globally based capabilities such as multi-lingual and multi-currency formatting.
  3. HRMS (Human Resource Management System) is software that usually comes with various HRIS functions and various HCM capabilities, along with additional payroll and attendance / TLM (Time and Labor Management) functions.

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Types of HRIS Software

HR solutions have provided a number of useful features; based on function, the HRIS software is divided into several types, namely:

1. Operational HRIS

As the name implies, operational HRIS is specified to the needs of operational HR management tasks. This type of HRIS software aims to assist managers in regards to routine and day-to-day decision making protocol, as the system’s function is to provide data in regards to the management of human resources. Broadly speaking, some of the data provided includes:

  • Employee Information Systems
    This data consists of information regarding employee profiles such as their name, address, gender, nationality, length of service, and much more.
  • Position Control Systems
    Data relating to an employee’s position within a company. In general, the information provided by this database is useful for identifying any vacant positions that need to be filled immediately.
  • Applicant Selection and Placement Information Systems
    This data will be used by the HR team to support the candidate selection process in order to find prospective employees whose credentials are in accordance with what is required by the company.
  • Performance Management Information Systems
    This data relates to performance appraisals and assessing employee productivity. This data will usually be used to promote or to lay off employees when needed.
  • Government Reporting and Compliance Information Systems
    Data containing various information in order to maintain administrative order in accordance with government regulations.

2. Tactical HRIS

Tactical HRIS is used to assist managers in making decisions regarding efficient resource allocation. This type of HRIS contains several sub-sections, namely:

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  • Job Analysis and Design Information Systems
    Contains data relating to the duties, specifications and responsibilities of each employee.
  • Recruiting Information Systems
    Broadly speaking, this data is in regards to recruitment plans used in order to determine a position that needs to be filled, and the skills required for that position.
  • Compensation and Benefits Information Systems
    As the name implies, the data provided contains information that assists in the decision making process in regards to the provision of compensation and benefits to be obtained by employees.
  • Employee Training and Development Systems
    Information to assist the HR team in regards to directing training for willing employees or employees who would benefit from the training overall.

3. Strategic HRIS

Strategic HRIS is a type of HRIS software that provides data for strategic decision making. Usually strategic HRIS will be used to manage labor negotiations, workforce arrangements and support certain HR programs.

By using a strategic HRIS, you can get an overview of your workforce planning and work assets. Strategic HRIS is comprised of several components, namely:

  • Information Systems Supporting Workforce Planning
    Contains information about the quantity and quality of labor owned by a company. This information can be used for long-term strategic planning, such as when a company wants to expand a new target market, open new branches, and so on.
  • Information Systems Supporting Labor Negotiations
    Contains a variety of information to support the labor negotiation process with vendors, trade unions, or other parties.
  • Specialized Human Resource Information Systems Software
    Supporting data for HR management.

4. Comprehensive HRIS

Comprehensive HRIS makes up an integrated database that acts as a place that contains various information that can be used at any time to support HR activities in a company.

From the types of HRIS software that have been mentioned above, you can choose the type of HRIS that best suits your company’s needs. Dokodemo-Kerja, as the best HRIS application currently in Indonesia, aims to provide a wide variety of useful features suited for your company’s HR management purposes. Dokodemo-Kerja features e-attendance, leave requests, managers employee tardiness, and many more. For more information about Dokodemo-Kerja features, you can visit Dokodemo-Kerja Features Page.

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