Dokodemo-Kerja, the Best HR Application to use during the New Normal Era

Every company’s HRD team needs a strategy in order to deal with the new normal policies, seeing that the spread of the Covid-19 pandemic is still very prevalent in several areas. As is known, the global pandemic over the past few years has indeed changed many conventions, including the way people work.

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Over the past two years, many companies have tried to run their businesses in the midst of the pandemic through the implementation of remote work systems or Work From Home strategies  for their employees. Based on information obtained from, before the pandemic, around 20% of employees could work remotely, compared to after the onset of the pandemic emerged, where it was discovered that 70% of employees worked remotely from home.

This change in the way work is conducted certainly needs the attention of the HRD team. Without proper preparation, facing new normal policies in the office area can be difficult. The HRD team must be able to manage its employees to help the company maintain profits, but on the other hand the HRD team must also ensure that its employees can work safely and comfortably without having to worry about exposure to Covid-19.

So, during this new normal era, one of the challenges that the HRD team needs to face and overcome is that of maintaining productivity without compromising the health of its employees.

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Dokodemo-Kerja, the HR Tool Efficiently Facing New Normal Policies

Maintaining the health and productivity of employees at the same time is actually not an impossible thing to do. Currently, technology has advanced to the point of allowing employees to work safely and comfortably from home. With a laptop connected to a strong internet connection, your employees can complete tasks from home without having to come to the office.

In addition, currently there are HRIS solutions such as Dokodemo-Kerja that can monitor employee performances through a WFH basis. It is undeniable that monitoring large-scale employees remotely is not an easy task. However, Dokodemo-Kerja has been deliberately built through the use of various features that are specifically designed to make it easier for a company’s HRD team to do so.

If you would like to further understand the various functions of Dokodemo-Kerja, here’s an explanation for you:

What is Dokodemo-Kerja?

Dokodemo-Kerja is an HR application that can be used to manage and maintain employee productivity remotely. This app is designed with many useful features. Here are some examples of useful features that can be leveraged by the HRD team to effectively maintain stability within the new normal.

1. Online attendance

Dokodemo-Kerja provides online attendance features so that employees can make note of their attendance digitally. Through this feature, companies will no longer have trouble recording a list of late employees because the system will do it for you.

To use this attendance feature, employees only need to press the play button available in the application. Then the system will record the application’s starting time in order to detect whether employees have started their work punctually.

In addition, Dokodemo-Kerja’s attendance feature can also be said to be hygienic because this application is installed and used on each employee’s device. So employees no longer need to use a one finger print system.

2. Recording total work hours

As previously explained, maintaining employee productivity is one of the main challenges faced when dealing with the new normal. When employees work remotely, companies may find it difficult to know if the employees are actually working. Therefore, Dokodemo-Kerja provides a feature that can calculate the total number of working hours completed in a single day, one week, or even one month.

So, when employees start pressing the “play” button during their attendance hours, the system will then start calculating the employee’s working hours in real time. At the end of their shift or when the employee presses the “stop” button, the system will show how long the employee has worked within one day.

Through this feature, companies can ensure that employees will stay productive during their working hours.

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3. Screenshot feature

You can also rely on the screenshot feature in order to monitor employee activity and productivity remotely. Even though you and your employees are in different locations, this Dokodemo-Kerja feature can randomly create screenshots on employees’ laptop screens. That way, you can find out what your employees are working on.

However, to maintain user privacy, the screenshots we record are of low resolution; this is so that the captured text content won’t be able to be read.

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HR’s Strategy for the New Normal

In addition to providing HR applications for the new normal, you also need to prepare other HR strategies to face this new era. Some of them include:

1. Maintaining communication

Good standards of communication need to be maintained in order to establish a strong bond between employees. Because during the pandemic, employees work from their homes, daily or weekly meetings are needed so that employees can still feel connected to one another.

In addition, when giving out assignments, make sure the information is conveyed as clearly as possible to avoid miscommunication. Currently there are many tools that you can use in this regard. You can choose one of the tools that best suits your company’s needs.

2. Update work policy

When the company is employing new working strategies, you need to update and maintain your policies. Some examples include:

  • Employees are required to maintain company confidentiality at all times by accessing critical data from secure devices and networks.
  • Employee availability expectations regarding whether employees must always be online from 9 to 5 or by way of a different time frame.
  • do not share laptops with others; this is to protect confidential company data.
  • Many others. 

COVID-19 has forced a massive digital transformation within various fields of work. By utilizing HR applications and implementing the right strategies, companies can face the new normal in the most effective way possible.

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