Dokodemo-Kerja, HRIS Software Made for Employee Productivity

Dokodemo-Kerja is an example of a Human Resource Information System (HRIS) software that has been widely adopted by a variety of companies within Indonesia. Dokodemo-Kerja provides a variety of useful features that assist HR in carrying out employee management more effectively and efficiently.

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Dokodemo-Kerja is currently the best online attendance application in circulation, applying a full range of features used to flexibly increase overall employee productivity.Some of these features include Attendance & Leave Management, Task Organization, as well as Employee performance evaluation: all through just one application.

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When choosing an appropriate HRIS to implement within your company, there are a number of things that need to be considered, such as how many people are currently employed by the company, the specific capabilities of the HRIS software, and the availability of ongoing training and support services. Therefore, before making a choice, it is better to evaluate what the company needs first, and then afterwards look for the specific features offered by a HRIS that will be able to meet those requirements.

To ensure that Dokodemo-Kerja is the right HRIS software for your company, we aim to first familiarize you with the overall functions provided by the tool in its capacity to potentially assist employee management in your company:

What is HRIS Software?

Broadly speaking, HRIS software is a type of system that allows users to manage, track and automate their company’s core HR needs through electronic means. HRIS software or applications usually provide an integrated database, acting as a storage containing various articles of information about its employees. Through such software, any data stored within the system can be used at any time, thereby supporting the convenience of your company’s HR activities.

In Indonesia itself, this type of technology is increasingly becoming developed. An example of one of the more reliable and advanced types of HRIS software in circulation currently is Dokodemo-Kerja.

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Advantages provided by the HRIS “Dokodemo-Kerja”

Dokodemo-Kerja is a HRIS software specifically designed to support Human Resource activities. In addition, with the use of Dokodemo comes the hope that the companies that use it will enjoy the likely benefits of increased employee productivity, the use of a more flexible work system, and the ability to help employee performance appraisals be a more fair and objective process.

Some of the features utilized by Dokodemo-Kerja are as follows:

1. Attendance and attendance management features

Dokodemo-Kerja comes with online attendance (e-absensi) features. You can use this to track and find out when employees have started and stopped working.

Apart from that, Dokodemo-Kerja is very compatible with employees who are required to work through remote systems. Further, because Dokodemo-Kerja functions also as an attendance tool that is presented in software form, employees can therefore install Dokodemo-Kerja on their devices and have their attendance recorded in real time without having to come to the office.

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This feature collects employee attendance information as well as records the total accumulated employee working hours during a certain period. With Dokodemo-Kerja, one can also see the number of leaves, sick days, or other types of days off proposed by employees, who can further propose such days off via the application as well.

2. Self-Service for employees

Dokodemo-Kerja provides employees with independent access to a variety of things regarding their own data kept in the company. The self-service features provided by Dokodemo-Kerja includes the ability to apply for leaves and days off, view one’s total working hours for any particular day, see the amount of leave days that one has left, and delegate tasks when employees are on leave.

3. Personnel tracking or employee tracking

To ensure that employees work productively, Dokodemo-Kera provides an efficient tracking feature.

When using this HR software, the system collects screenshots of its users during random intervals of their work hours. This feature is provided deliberately so that the company and HR team can more easily monitor those under its employ. However, so as to maintain a degree of user privacy as well, the screenshots collected have a low image resolution so that the text within emails or other communication tools cannot be read.

Besides being able to take screenshots at random, we also provide employee monitoring capabilities through a GPS feature. This application can thus monitor your employees working on a mobile basis, such as your marketing team, for example. By installing Dokodemo-Kerja on one’s mobile device, the activities of employees working away from the office will be thoroughly monitored.

4. Reports and analysis

The data provided by Dokodemo-Kerja is available in the form of a simple and easy to read report. The company or HR team are able to analyze reports based on an employee’s attendance history, desktop screenshots, and GPS tracking results. Through such reports, the HR team can thus analyze the overall performances of its employees. This feature will also make it easier for the HR team to maintain a level of discipline and productivity, regardless of their remote work status. Through the variety of features provided by Dokodemo-Kerja, this HRIS software is one that can be thoroughly relied upon for one’s employee data management needs.

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